Many people have earge of earning money online but they don’t know trusted ways of making money . In this article I shared you best way to earn money online –

There are top five ways of earning money online which millions of people do and earn.
1.) Making youtube videos or Vlogging
These days Vlogging becomes most popular among people because it single platform which offers millions of actives users, so it becomes easiest way to connect with people.
Now let me to talk about How to earn through youtube –

Step – I  Make a youtube channel using Google account
Step – II  upload more than two videos
Step – III  verify your youtube account
Step – IV  Monetise your videos using adsense
Now you opened the way earning through youtube, you will be paid for per 1000 views (1$ or more varies on various factors) and more in case of click. In developed countries earning is more in comparison to developing countries in case of ads view and clicking on ads.

2.) Blogging
Blogging is the most Popular internet marketing and online earning strategy over the decades.You should have a perfect writing skill to earn money through blogging.You can start blogging either investing money or without investing any money.

There are many blogging platfarm like WordPress,Blogger,Medium,tumblr etc but only wordpress is bloggers favourite and dominated over blogging industry.However all these offers free domain that is sub-donain,Blogging on subdomain cost nothing. but If you want to become a serious blogger and make decent money through it then you need to purchase a Domain and hosting server.Because by hosting blog and website on free hosted domain as result that

 blogs doesn’t get rank on search engine and most of people will think about that blog newbie in blogging industry and often neglect them.

So,To run a successful blog,you need to purchase a domain and host in order get quick result.

3.) Affliated marketing
People are making huge money through affiliated marketing, you also earn huge money if you have correct marketing skills. First you have to choose a trusted affiliates marketing platform such as amazon affiliates, flipkart affiliates,CJ etc. After that you have to register and atlast you have to promote their product in order to get affiliate commission.

4.)Link shortening service
You also make little money through link shortening service. If you have good social follower and groups. Then nothing to do much just copy the important url that you want to share and past on link shortening site  then click on shorten url ,copy this and share to all friends and groups. You will be paid for per click on link and downloads via link.
Know more about link shortening service

5.) Blogmint
It is another money earning platform where you can earn money through youtube without adsense.You need a account in twitter, Facebook ,instagram and blogging platform for making sponsered post. You can earn  too much through Blogmint if you have large social subscriber and follower.

Steps for starting earning from Blogmint –

Step – I    make a Blogmint account as influencer and fill proper information so that brand make trust in you.

Step – II Connect with social and blogging account

Step – IV click on discover campaign ⏩ apply for proper campaign, wait till your request get approved  (approval sent to your registered email address )

Step – IV after approval make a post as work order says.
After making post you will be paid mentioned amount.
Know more about Blogmint

(6.) UC NEWS(We media programe)

You can earn decent revenues from Uc News. It is very simple process you need to write articles or news on specific topic and post it on Uc News.To start earning from Uc News you first need to Sign up as publisher and after approval Create Channel where articles or news are broadcast.But it is only basic step to earn real money You need monetise your channel after enabling monetisation your reaning is started.(monetisation on uc news has certein requirement, you need to fulfill all creteria in order to get approved)

So,friends I shared you idea of  top five ways of earning online ,if this article proves helpful to you then like and and share to all your friends and if you have any questions and suggestions then make comments.
Thanks for Reading.
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