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Blogmint is India ‘ s leading automated platform which connects brands with blogger, vlogger and micro – Blogger  i.e influencer.

here influencer  get sponsored contents for post and tweet and brand make their products viral through that influencer. so, established a mutual benefitial relationship between brand and influencer,hence it is 100% paid campaign.

How blogger, Vlogger and micro Blogger make money

bloggers  make money through sponsored blog post no matter either  they owned self hosted domain  , their website ending with, etc or website is approved by adsense.
vloggers make money through sponsored video post without adsense.
micro – Blogger make money through sponsored post and updates . Getting started with this platform takes five and here is how you can get started. 
Sign up as influencer, you can use your Blog (blogspot, and self – hosted account), twitter account, Facebook account, instagram account or youtube channel.
Fill information carefully so you get your right price for sponsored post.
It is single platform which offers opportunity earns from starting period. If you keep low cost for making a sponsored blog post, social updates and video post then you have  more opportunities to earn . If you keep high cost for such post then you have less opportunities to earn . So  keep your cost according to traffic, niche and reach for blogspot and genuine follower and quality of engagement for tweet.

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