5 best link shortening service


Short.st provides both link shortening service as well as opportunity to make money. They shows interstitial ads when visitors click on their shorten link . shorte.st  pays highest amount for per 1000 impression than other competitors. They comes with mash shrinker that let you shrink upto 20 urls at a time as well as WordPress plug in that makes shortening more easy for WordPress blogger. minimum payout is  $ 5 via PayPal.


Goo.gl is a link shortening service of google. It is newest url shortener among all competitors but these days it becomes quite popular. no sign in is required to shorten a long url but to keep list and details of shorten urls, such as no. of clicks and visitors details  (country, browser, os etc) ,an account is required. The shorten url starts with goo.gl//.


bitly is the most popular and oldest among other link shortening services. They have ability to customise short links and URL slug . To shorten a long url sign in is not necessary but creating a account allows you to track and manage links . They provides most of features in their paid version. Bitly is integrated with many social media and marketing tools. They also available in crome extension and iPhone app.


Adfly is money making link shortening service because they provide interstitial ads in the shorten url like short.st. An account is required to use Adfl’s services .They offer CPM based ad type and have good eCPM rates. Their eCPM varies  depending on   geographical location. payout threshold $ 5 and payment via PayPal.


Tinyurl is a simple shortener and entirely free to use. shorten link of Tinyurl is couple more charecter than goo.gl and bit.ly .However they comes with the features of end letter customisation. no sign up is required but there is no analytics.

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