Capilano suspension bridge

Capilano suspension bridge is a simple suspension bridge crossing the capilano river,located in district of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.It spans 140 Metres in length, and situatedat a height of 70 meters above the river. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is Super cool and super scary bridge in the world.

Trift bridge, Switzerland

The Trift Bridge is the longest Pedestrian only suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps. This is a 180 M long and 110 M high simple suspension bridge of Switzerland.Trift bridge is the one the most scariest bridge in the world ,because it is highly unstable which makes it extremely scary in windy days.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is well known Rope Bridge near Ballintoy in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The bridge links the mainland Ireland to the tiny island of Carrick-a-Rede.It span 20 meters in length , and is situated at a height of 30 M above Rock below . It takes a lot of courage to tourist to cross the bridge.Most of Travellers prefer to return mainland via voat instead of crossing Bridge.

Vitim River Bridge, Russia

Vitim bridge located in Siberia and it is old train Bridge crossing vitim river. during the Siberian winter the bridge becomes even more dangerous as wood turns into a ice slick that not able to provide enough friction to tyre for safe driving.beside of this the bridge has no railing and it is barely enough wide for one car .One mistakes can send Traveller into their death.

Royal Gorge Bridge, USA

Royal gorge Bridge is located in canon City,’s actually a tourist attraction. it was built in 1929 and remains world’s highest bridge until 2003. The bridge crosses the Gorge 995 feet above the Arkansas river.

Deception pass bridge, USA

The deception pass bridge located in Washington. it’s two lane bridge linking Whidbe Island to Fidalgo in deception pass state park. over 1500 tonnes of Steel used to construct the bridge and roughly 20000 vehicles crosses per day.

Volgograd Bridge

Volgograd Bridge is a concrete girder Bridge over Volga river in the city of Volgograd,Russia. it’s known to be oscillating wildly during windy weather and often close during bad weather

Lake pontchartrain causeway 


Lake pontchartrain causeway Bridge is the world’s longest continuous over Water Bridge in southern Louisiana,United States. it is spans 38 km in length and supported by 9500 concrete pilings. it seems to be endless at the middle of bridge which makes it scariest.

Sidu River Bridge, China

Sidu river bridge is a 1222 metre long suspension bridge crossing the valley of Sidu river, situated in Badong county of the hubei province of China. it opened in November 2009 and was the world’s highest bridge, rising more than 1500 feet air. it connects Shanghai to Chengdu.

Millau Viaduct, France

Millau Viaduct is the tallest bridge in world. It’s located in southern France and across the river Tarn in the Massif Central mountain. It connects Paris to Beziers and Montpellier. it gets suddenly block during heavy snowfalls.

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