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Revenuehits is an modern performance based (CPA) contextual advertising network for monetizing online assets like blog,website,tool bars, widgets, IM applications and mores. Revenuehits runed,owned and operated by Intango – a privately held startup company based in Israel and founded in 2008 by a team of experienced tech professionals, financial expert and online marketers.

RevenueHits offers high eCPM rates for publishers than other ad networks and shows most relevent ads to your visitors at almost every Geo location with 100% fulfillment rates.
RevenueHits serves more than billions of ad impression per day and also mainteins strict policy of optimisation to boost publishers’ income.It has Various display ads units like Banner,Pop ups/unders,Shadow,footer,interstitial etc i.e more possebility of trafic convert,with increase in traffic convert earning also increases.
RevenueHits also has very low payment threshold than google adsense and there is no minimum traffic require for a new site.
Publishers make huge profit their most of traffic comes from tier first country.
RevenuHits is best alternative of google adsense as you know how hard to get approval of adsense for new bloggers but in case of RevenueHits it is very fast process and approve almost every sites.

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High eCPM(upto $30)
● No minimum traffic require
● 100% fullfillment  rates
● CPA based
● Low payment threshold
● Various ads units
● Intuitive publisher Dashboard
● Responsive customer support


RevenueHits is CPA based ad neteork i.e pays to publisher for those clicks that convert to an action(or i.e per traffic convert) which is unlike to adsense – a CPC based ad network and pays for every valid your earning may end up with few cents.


Not pay for only clicks
● Bad for low traffic

Eligibility criteria 

There is nothing much required to be a publisher at revenuehits you can simply become publisher at revenuehits if you have digital asset which is not adult related and not deals with illegal activities.

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Revenuehits is a best platform for monetizing digital asset as you know there is no minimum traffic required and approval process is very fast when compared to AdSense so Revenuehits is the best option for new bloggers and also for publisher whose AdSense account is banned and not approved yet.

How it works 

1.) Go to Revenuehits and register yourself as publisher and submit your site that you want to monetize.

2.) After approval go to dashboard and click on creat placement > select device, ad type and size that you want to place on site.fill your ad name and select website where the ads will be displayed.


3.) Implement Tag


Copy the placement code and paste it into your site at suitable place in order to generate maximum revenues.

Approval process –    instant
Ads type –                  CPA 
Display ads unit –       Banner, Pop under/ups,slider,shadow box,Top banner,footer & interstitial 
Min. traffic –               NONE 
Min. payment –          $2O
Payout threshold –    NET 30
Payment method –    PayPal, Payoneer and wire


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