Popads.net Popads review for Publisher

Are you looking for :

Premium popunder ad network

Making extra revenues from already monetised website.

AdSense alternative.

If your answer is ‘yes’ then you’re at right place,read article till end.


Popads.net is a premium pop under advertising network owned by Tomksoft S.A., a joint stock company located in Costa Rica.

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Popads based on CPV (cost per view) model,That is Popads pays to publisher for per pop unders/ups or Tap unders/ups view. Its Per impression rate is highest ecpm rate in comparison to other Pop under network in the industry. In order to make huge revenue,Popads is the best way to monetize Entertainment and download site. because popads does not occupied any ad space in the webpage that’s why you are free to monetize your webpage with other and network along with popads.

There is insight review of benefit that you can get using Popads :

Popads.net is the premium Pop under network in the industry it shows a specialised Pop ads with the high rates in comparison to other Pop under network.

Approval process for a new site of Popads is  very fast as compared to other ad network and and it accept all website with any number of traffic.

Popads.net has a great payment system as it has low payment threshol and daily withdrawal option. It means you no need to wait for a month for payment, you will be able to make request  to withdrawl earned revenues from Popads at  any time of the month when your revenue reached to the threshold of $5.

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Monetization through popads is a best for SEO of website as it does not affect loading speed of website and for making extra revenye as Papads does not impose any restriction to the publisher for using other ad network with Popads.

Dashboard of Popads is very intuitive from dashboard you can see real time view,rates and revenue of running ads and from report section you can generate insight reports (with the help of filters) of any time and many more options that you need to manage your accounts are given in the Sidebar of dashboard.
As you know Popads is not like banner ads.Because Pop ups does not visible in anywhere in the webpage and not loading with the webpage, In fact pop ads appear in a new page or a new tab. only when your visitor click anywhere on the web page.Thats mean loading speed of the website remains unaffected.Hence using Popads you can generate revenue without disturbing perfomance of the website.

Popads becomes superior in providing Popads with anti-adblocker ad code that bypasses various ad blocker. It means besides of using ad blocker by your visitors Popunder still appear in your web page by using anti-Adblock code.

There are following problem with the Pop ads

Being publisher at popads.net is very simple no matter what type of your website (adult, hacking, cracking etc)you have and what volume of traffic your website receive. Simply you need a website to register yourself as publisher.

Popads.net is a pop under ad network which is work well and especially recommended for entertainment and download site but monetizing high quality content site using pop under networks is not a good idea as useful traffic converted for a few cent. so I recommend you to try other ad network like Revenuehits,infolinks etc instead of popads.net to monetize such websites 

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● High CPV rate
● Low minimum payout
● Daily withdrawal option 
● Fast approval 
● Accept all site including adult,hacking,cracking etc
● Accept world by traffic
● They have anti Adblock Technology
● You can use Popads along with other ad networks


● Bad for high quality content site
● Lacks personal support


Popads.net is the best ad network to monetize new site as you know approval process is very fast and also accept low traffic site. These are basic important point where Popads compete but many other ad network lack of such facilities. I think above review can do the job to decide yourself for the Popads is the best for your website or not, but in my opinion Popads.net is the best  ad network to monetize entertainment and download site.

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