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Do you want to monetize your website with CPC and CPA Ad models or are you looking for the best AdSense alternative for low traffic sites???

If your answer is yes then you are at right place read article till end.

That  website is known by the name of Bidvertiser,Let’s proceed to forward Know what is Bidvertiser,What is their Ad serving Technology,Ad Modals,Payments and a Final summary which help you in making decision,To decide yourself whether It best for you or not.

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What is Bidvertiser ?

Bidvertiser is Site-targeted advertising platform founded in 2008 by Bpath Limited in Israel.

Bidvertiser deliver ads with the combination of CPM,CPA and CPC models in order to generate maximum revenue from add space of publisher and give maximum benefit to the advertiser’s campaigns.
Bidvertiser is founded with the view of creating maximum transparency with Adversiser and publisher,so that they offered by add space of publisher directly to Advertiser to run a profitable campaign.


Ad searving Technology

Bidvertiser searves more than 400 millions ad impression per day on websites and mobile apps,these Impressions are happen in 196 different countries in form of banner,popups and slider.

They show Site-targeted Ads for that reason they asked to publisher and Advertiser to specify the site categories in order to show Site-targeted ads.

Advertising is best on bidding,advertisers have to set up a bid price for a ad space of a specific website category,highest bidder get the ad space of that publisher  websites.

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Eligibility criteria

Publisher needs a website that are not related hacking cracking and other illegal activities and that website must not hosted on free domain because they impose certain restrictions for the approval of free domain hosted sites.

Approval process

Approval process is very fast as soon as you  Prove the ownership of site and verify email and phone number you will be able to place ad on your website.

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Ad models

Bidvertiser run ads on the basis of CPA,CPM and CPC Ad models that often helps publisher to optimise their revenue earnings and these ads have potential to generate double revenue from a single ad,This happen when a click on ad by a visitor converted to an action,those actions are may be completing a survey,feeling up a form,downloading a file and purchasing a product.

Only issue with the Bidvertiser is – sometime this shows Ad which are totally unrelevant to the website contents,results in less CTR and Hence less revenue But this will happen only when they can bring the maximum revenue to the publisher.



Payments are sents via mainly four methods namely
Paypal,Check,Wire transfer and Western Union. bidvertiser Pay to its publisher on monthly basis that is on NET 30 terms when  your publisher revenur reached to the threshold of $10.



Bidvertisrr Review

Ad Units:Banner|Popups|Slider|Xml feed
Payment Method:Paypal,Wire Transfer,Check and Western Union
Mininmum Payout:$10 USD

Reccommended for:All Sites(Specially for Less traffic sites that are struggling in getting approval of AdSense)


  • Double Layer of Revenue Generation
  • Low Minimum Payout than Adsense
  • Approved low traffic sites as well as free hosted sites like the site address ending with, etc.


  • Low CPC rates than Adsense
  • Sometimes ads appears on site may be unrelated
  • to website contents.

Network Category:Adsense Alternative for low traffic sites

Rating 4/5 ★★★★☆

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