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Hilltopads is an modern UK based ad network that serves ads in multi nations,They have grown much in recent days,although very few people are familiar with it till now but these days they are in list of top AdSense alternative that provides high quality ads.

Hilltopads is a CPC,CPM and CPA best advertising platform that provides ads in form of Banner,popups,in player ads etc in every geo location with the real-time stat.

Since,Hilltopads comes late in advertising industry.so,to dominate over the market as many people say – late comer should be a fast mover in order to gain market.That’s why they offer various kinds of features that you rarely found in their competitors. Take a look to some of their basic features –

  • They deliver ads with the combination of multi models.
  • They shows highly targeted ads which is based on various factors like user agent,device,OS,country,city etc.
  • They send payments on weekly terms and support various payment methods.
  • Most surprising thing is they charge nothing on transactions of money.
  • They have real time bidding system and real time ecpm Optimisation.

Ad Serving Technology

Hilltopads delivers ads based on user agent,OS,device,country, city,ISP,Time (hour) targeting,Mobile carrier,IP range,GET parameters,Retargeting etc, that is their ads are highly user oriented not like bidvertiser Which just focus on website category of publisher.

They have real time bidding system advertiser can take advantage of such system to generate billions of impression in a day.

Using there anti-ad blocker solutions that bypasses various ad blockers which result in even more revenues and also they have automatic system that detects boat traffic and reject them.

They have mixed combination of Ad models which may forms double layer of revenue earning like in case of Clicks on CPC models ad and that click further converted to an actions.Such action is may be of filling a form,downloading a file,perchasing a product etc in this case is revenue is even greater than traditional CPC models.

They also pay in case of impression of ads but such ad need to be based on CPM models.

Note:They are best popunders advertising network and they have huge variety of CPM ad models,But to CPA and CPC models you have to request your personal account manager.


Ad Formates

They have mainly four types of ad formates like Banner,Popads,Instant message and In prayer ad that you can used to monetize different different ad space on your website.

But out of all ads only their Popads are generating good revenue in most cases,however revenues are very on various factors,so,you can use yourself and determine which ad format is best for you.


Publisher need to have minimum 5K daily unique traffics get approval of website,approval can take 2-3 days.

How to get Started

Go to Hilltopads.com,Create a account there as publisher.You have to fill various fields during registration, and make sure that fields are filled correctly in order to get relevant Ads.After creation of account click on drop down menu,click on Manage Sites & Zones in publisher section and enter your website url and require details and lastly click on Submit.Once your website is approved, you will able to place codes in your website and hence start seeing ads.


Hilltopads supports various payment method like Payoneer,epayservice,paxum,wire-transfer,webmoney,epayment,bitcoin.

They have minimum payout threshold is only $50 which is best for new publisher.They make payment on weekly terms.



Ad Formates:Popads|Banner|IM|In Player ads
Payment Methods:Payoneer|Webmoney|epayment|Wire-transfer|epayservice|Bitcoin|Paxum
Min. Payout:$50 USD
Min. Traffic Require:5k daily
Support:email and Skype

Recommend for:Gaming|Downloads|Pinsubmit|Filehosting|Dating|Streaming|Entertainment|Social|Financial|Sports


  • They Accept worldwide traffic
  • 0% Fees on Financial transactions
  • Weekly payout
  • They have own ad server
  • High quality Popads
  • They haave Anti-Ad Blocker code
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Real time Stats


  • Publisher require high traffic to get approval of website
  • They don’t support payments via Paypal
  • Less ads formates as compared to other ad network

Network Category:AdSense alternative For high traffic sites

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆

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