PropellerAds Review for Publisher

Propellerads is a display advertising network founded in 2011 in Cyprus,Europe.

Propellerads network is a CPM (cost for Mile) and CPA based advertising network, that is,They pays to their publisher for Per valid 1000 views of Ads and per traffic convert.Hence you can earn money from traffic irrespective of clicks on ads by using propellerads

Propellerad network proved to be the best alternative of AdSense for publisher whose website – receives less traffic or is not comply with the term and conditions of AdSense or is download site and entertainment site,because they approve almost every site except adulte rated sites and pays highest is CPM rates for Pop Ups and Unders.

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Ad Searving Technology

Propellerads network serves more than 700 million ad impression per day and their innovative automatic Optimisation system ensure highest revenue to the publisher. They pays highest ecpm rate for pop ups and unders. Propellerads provides most relevant ad to your visitor using filters like Geo targeting,platform,device etc and they able to monetize a 404 page that often get wasted.

Propellerads network comes has various Ad models –
Ad models

CPM – You will be payed when an ad displayed to your vistors.

CPA – You will be payed when a traffic converted to an action such as when your vistor completed an action of  downloads,filling a foarms,
Signig up for different website,making a purchase etc.

So,you can generate revenue either your visitor only see ads or click on that ads.

Propellerads network is the best platform like Reveuehits to monetize online assets as they offer:

  1. Native subscription Ads
  2. Onclick(Pop ups/Pop unders)
  3. Smart links(Direct ads)
  4. Interstitial ads
  5. Push up(Dialog box)
  6. Banner ads (Coming soon)

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Dashboard is very intuitive you can view real-time States,ecpm,revenues and impression of running ads from statatics section.


Propellerads support various payment method like Paypal,Payoneer,Wire transfer,web money Z etc They make payment on NET-30 terms with the minimum threshold of $25.That is you will be able to send request for the withdrawal of of the revenues when it reach to the threshold of $25.


Propellerads network has a good customer support via Call,tickets,email and 24×7 chat support as well as extensive knowledge base.If your website will start receiving large volume of traffic then you will get the dedicated account manager.

Eligibility criteria

There is no any specific requirement to be publisher at propellerads network but to get approval of site and app do not submit site or app that related to adult content as it violets their terms and conditions.

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Propellerads network is best for whome ?


●Those publisher whose website is banned by AdSense or not approved yet or download site or entertainment site.

●Publisher that not generate enough revenue from CPA and CPC networks.

●Publisher that receives large traffic but still generating few cents,Due to low CTR.

●Publisher that want to earn money from social network’s post and fan page without running any website propellerads is the best option.


●Low minimum payout when compared to AdSense
●Monthly payments
●Intuitive Dashboard
●Good customer support
●Support various payment method
●CPM based ad network
●Accept International traffic
●Anti Adblock ad code available
●Able to monetise 404 page


●CPM based ad network that is pays for only impression irrespective of clicks
●Less revenue than adSense


From the above review it is clear that propellerads network is the one of the few reputed and Serious competitor of AdSense as the approval process is very fast and simple as well as they have very low payment threshold.

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after all, we are not suggesting to use propellerads network in facts we are try to reveal the facts of propellerads and Final decision left on you to decide whether Propellerads fit to your digital asset or not.

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