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    Are You looking for Best AdSense alternative for Low traffic site?? | Best Ad Network with 100% Approval Giranteed for low traffic Sites????

    If your answer is Yes then your are at right place,Here you can able to find that you want.

    There are many Ad Networks that allow publishers to monetise their Blogs and Websites.But most of Ad Networks actually require high traffic to get approval and also approval periods may be extended.Some of the Top Ad networks have strict Terms and Conditions and tolerate no excuse policy that often hard to fullfil and maintein from small publisher to large publisher.They will ban you,If you perfome any actions that are strictly restricted in their TOS.
    Excluding Such ad Networks we are only about ad Networks that didn’t set minimum traffic barrier to grant approval of site till now and approval process very short.

    Let’s take a look one by one.

    PropellerAds Network (Reccommended)



    Propellerads network is a CPM and CPS based display advertising Network and one of the best AdSense alternative.They have several types of ad Formats like Banner,Subscription,Popunders,interstitial etc.There paying basis is per valid  impressions(views) of ads in almost every ad formats, but in native subscription ads user can choose either cost per impression or cost per subscription.if you choosen cost per subscription then you will get money for per subscriptions,And if you choosen cost per impression then you will get money for per ad view of subscriber of your subscription ads.

    There innovative native Subscription ad that allow you to generat Revenues as well as broadcast your contents to your subscribers.Their Popads comes with Anti-Ad blocking solution that can generate 200% more revenue than tradition banner ads because It bypasses various ad blockers.They are able to monetise 404 page that often get wasted.

    There is no minimum traffic require to get approval of site,almost zero traffic site can get approval.They have only $25 payment threshold which is suits best for new publisher.So,without Delay go to PropellerAds and registre yourself as publisher and Start making money from toaday.

    Approval Process:Fast
    Min. Traffic Need:None
    Ad Models:CPM
    Ad Formates:Banner ads|Native Subscription Ad|Popads|Interstitial|Direct Links
    Payment Methods:Paypal|Payoneer|Wire|Webmoney
    Min. Payout:$25
    Payment Term:NET 30

    Two new big announcement  from propellerads network –

    Native Banner ad Available now

    Know more about Propellerads

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    Bidvertiser is a site-target display advertising network and the best alternative of AdSense for low traffic sites.They deliver ads based on CPA,CPM and CPC models,that’s why most of ads come with mix combination of CPC and CPA which often results in double revenue.It is happen when a visitor click on your ad and that click further converted to a conversion.In this way you will receive revenues from both models which is surely higher than tradition ad models.

    Bidvertiser approve low traffic site too,Although they have certain restrictions but almost every well established site can pass it easily.

    Approval Process:Fast
    Min. Traffic Need:None
    Ad Models:CPM
    Ad Formates:Banner|Popads|Slider
    Payment Methods:Paypal|Payoneer|Wire|Webmoney
    Min. Payout:$25
    Payment Term:NET 30

    Read Full Review of  Bidvertiser

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    Revenuehits is a Cost per acquisition(CPA) based advertising network.They have huge revenue earning potential for Downloads sites,entertainment sites etc and also for AdSense unsupported niche based sites.Such types of ad networks do not pay only for views and clicks,But pay for clicks that further converted into action.Such action may be of filling up a form,downloading a file,purchasing a product etc.However their eCPM rates are relatively higher than traditional CPM based ad networks.

    There are no minimum traffic require to get approval of sites and approval process is very fast.

    Approval Process:Fast
    Min. Traffic Need:None
    Ad Models:CPA
    Ad Formates:Banner|Popads|Interstitial|Slider|Shadow Box|Footer
    Payment Methods:Paypal|Payoneer|Wire
    Min. Payout:$20
    Payment Term:NET 30

    Read Full Review of Revenuehits

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    Popads is a premium popunders ad network which is highly specialised in providing popunders ads.They promise to provide popunders with 100% fill rates at leading eCPM rates of the industry.They allow publishers to set minimum bid per popunder view,number and interval of popunders per visitor,anti-adblocker code etc.such features you rarely found in other ad networks.

    Being publisher at is like a piece of cake,anyone can register with any number traffic and approval of site can take upto 2 days.Most important facts about popads is they allow withdrawl at $5 and daily.

    Approval Process:24 to 48 hours
    Min. Traffic Need:None
    Ad Models:CPV
    Ad Formates:Popunders|Popups|Tabup|Tabunders
    Payment Methods:Paypal|Payoneer|Payza
    Min. Payout:$5
    Payment Term:Daily(on request)

    Read Full Review of PopAds Network

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    Adhitz Network

    Adhitz is a CPC based advertising network.They allow publisher to monetize ordinary blog and website.They offer two types of monatization method to publishers namely site specific ads and network ad.With site specific ads publisher has to fix a CPC rate for certain ad space,when that ad space will purchase by advertiser then publishers get 70% of the CPC rates of that ad Space. In case of network ads Ad space is filled with the random ads with random CPC rates which varies between $ 0.06 to $ 0.18 per click depending on the country where click are originated.Publisher get 70% of the CPC rates either in case of site-specific ad and network ads.

    They give approval to almost every website( excluding adult,illegals etc) that has any number of traffic and approval process is very fast.

    Approval Process:Fast
    Min. Traffic Need:None
    Ad Models:CPC
    Ad Formates:Banner|Text
    Payment Methods:Paypal|Wire
    Min. Payout:$25
    Payment Term:NET 30


    Infolinks is a premium Intag ad network and 6th largest advertising company in the world.They have more than 1.5 billions monthly ad views and 240 million monthly unique users.They are master in providing Intag and Intext ad and one of the closest alternative of AdSense.Infolinks has a great potential to generate revenue for those publisher whose is most of traffic comes from tier first country.There is no minimum requirement of traffic,post,ranking etc and they also approve zero traffic website but they reserved the rights to decline approval request of publisher.if they violets their terms and conditions.Approval of new website can take two to three days.

    Approval Process:48 to 72 hours
    Min. Traffic Need:None
    Ad Models:CPC|CPM
    Ad Formates:Intext ads|Intag ads|Infold ads|Inframe ads
    Payment Methods:Paypal|Payoneer|Wire|echeck|ACH|WU
    Min. Payout:$50
    Payment Term:NET 45


    Chitika is a primary non-contextual advertising network and best ad network in providing banner and text ads.They are CPC (cost per click) based ad networks which is best for new publishers.Their ads are mostly based on search engine queries and not targeted around the keywords in the respectibe webpage.That’s why publishers having high volume of search engine traffic can make a huge revenue with Chitika and not best for those publishers whose most of traffic comes from social networks.Chitika also approve almost every website with any traffic and approval process is very fast.

    Approval Process:Fast
    Min. Traffic Need:None
    Ad Models:CPM|CPC
    Ad Formates:Banner|Hover ads|Mobile ads|Intext ad|Highlight ads
    Payment Methods:Paypal|Payza
    Min. Payout:$10
    Payment Term:NET 30


    Aryan · 20th May 2018 at 7:38 pm

    These are really working for my new site

    hsnews · 11th June 2018 at 2:21 pm

    easy and good uderstood post for beginners..thats really appreciating job. a very thanks for you and yours &. website having not enough traffic …

    can any one explain why this happens ?


      Abhishek Singh · 11th June 2018 at 5:11 pm

      Thanks for your kind words.We will be happy to help you.Pleased contact me through our email [email protected],so we can assist you.

    Praveen Kumar lakhara · 14th September 2018 at 6:55 am

    Thank you for telling a real way to earn money

    Devendra Saini · 5th November 2018 at 3:39 pm

    Thank you very much now i can have ads on my website

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