AdNow Review for Publisher

Adnow is a native ad network that provides ads in form of content recommendation. It is also a Taboola,Revcontent and Outbrain alternative.

Adnow established in 2014 and now more than 160,000 webmasters using and making profit from it. They Serve more than 7 bilion AD impression per month in 114 countries.
They accept traffic from worldwide and in several languages,along with They provide you real time stats and personal account manager which makes them different from crowd.Content recommendation ads appears very related to the content and eye catching,therefore it easily grabs attention of visitors.

Adnow delivers CPC based Content Recommendation ads that are highly targeted and based on keywords found on the webpage.That’s why visitors more willing to click on the native ads than compared to banner ads. You now well more clicks on Ads lead to more revenue, by using adnow content recommendation ads, you can generate even more revenues than banner ads.This is also proved by Various Research that banner ads is not as efficient as native ads.

Adnow uses simple JavaScript tag that not conflict with other tag.The most interesting things about Adnow is compatible with Google AdSense,so you can use Adnow together with AdSense to generate more revenue.

Adnow ads is very clean,safe and Secure because every new ads first arrive to moderator for review purpose. Moderator reviews and make sure that ads is relevant to the content and free from virus and malware.



Publisher Requirement has no minimum traffic required but presence of quality traffic needed to get approval of website.They accept almost every website (except website related to porn and illegal activities) and also accept non English website.

How to get a started

becoming member of Adnow is a very easy and it’s take nearly 5 minute create Account.
To create account go to and register yourself as Publishers.For registration you have to fill a small registration form and after submission, an email verification link sent to your email address,after email is verified you can log into publisher Dashboard.

Now to place ad code on your website,you have to add your website and its detail as mentioned there and after that verify the ownership of website to get complete Approval of website.


Adnow pays on weekly basis,with the minimum payout amount is $20.They also support various payment method like Paypal,wire,e-payment and Webmoney.according to Adnow using Paypal regular weekly payment may delayed up to 2 weeks and charge 4.5% for each, you can use other payment method to get payment on time.Webmoney also charged 2% for each financial transaction.


Ad Models:CPM|CPC
Ad Formates:Native Widgets
Payment Methods:PayPalWebmoney|epayment|Wire-transfer
Min. Payout:$20 USD
Min. Traffic Reauire: None
Support:Email,Tickets and Skype

Recommend for:All


  • Multilingual Ad network
    that it accept non – English website
  • Real time Stats tracking system
  • Simple JavaScript tag
  • Personal Account Manager
  • No Minimum traffic
  • Weekly Payment


  • There is no control of Publisher over ads,They have to contact to customer care to stop the ads which feel irrelevant to content.

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